First Human Trial

We have completed a multicenter trial at hospitals in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ahmadabad, India, and Caracas, Venezuela. At these centers, ten patients aged between 45 and 71 received bifurcating stent implantations. Seven of the patients underwent successful deployment of modular bifurcating stent (MD) implantations and three patients were successfully given side branch access provisional systems (MD-P).

First Human Trial

Here is a picture of the very first patient implanted with our bifurcating stent in Sao Paulo. The patient was a 50 year old male smoker who presented to the emergency room with crushing chest pain. He was found to be having anterior myocardial infarction.

Treatment time was of the essence in order to preserve heart muscle.

As we began the procedure you see the proximal narrowing or stenosis at the center of circle A followed by the bifurcation lesion at the center of circle B.

MRI Scan of Bifurcation Disease

In this panel the proximal lesion is already stented at the center of circle A and the ABS bifurcating stent is assembled at the bifurcation at the center of circle B – just before it is deployed.

MRI scan of Stent assembled at the bifurcation

In these pre and post pictures, the occluded vessels are shown and post-insertion the vessels are shown with good blood flow restored. The device was deployed in about 5 minutes and traveled through another stent before its deployment directly and without predilatation.

Two MRI scans of Bifurcation Disease, Proximal Stenosis, Proximal Stent and Bifurcating Stent